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Project 151 does not encourage or suggest drivers to take pictures while operating a motor vehicle. This is dangerous behavior.

This is where you can view examples of motorists violating traffic & safety laws along routes 151 & 6.

Route 6 10-13-07

This photo was recently sent to P-151. Another example of just what we have been saying. The reader says:

This incident occurred on Route 6 East about 1 before intersecting with Route 29 on October 13th @ 4:15 p.m.

Obviously the person is passing in no passing zone, at best never made it back in before the safe zone ends, look at the blind curve ahead. Double yellow

Above, here’s another genius in a luxury station wagon. (Friday 9-21-07) This is northbound on 151 just north of the Old Rockfish School Lane. The wagon in front of the truck just passed on a double yellow line, on a hill with restricted visibility, and a line of cars headed his way. Brilliant. Below is a sample of what the Project 151 Team is working to eliminate along 151 & 6. All of us have seen this dangerous behavior by truckers along the routes. This was a semi from Bayless Truck Lines that passed us as we were southbound on Route 151 just north of Small’s Grocery – Monday evening 9-17-07 (Now Patrick Brothers) Though technically he was legal to pass, look at the traffic on the opposing lane headed straight for him. He barely made it back in – in time before a head on collision happened. This is but one very small example of the countless encounters along Route 151 & 6 that continue to go unenforced. rear view Just before starting the pass, rear view passenger side. passing oncoming As the pass is taking place. back in Gets back in his lane just before traffic clears. Over the coming months we will be highlighting as many of the trucks as possible, along with their company names and photos of the violations. They will be submitted to VDOT & VSP as well as the company’s CEO for proof of misconduct along these roads. Members of Project 151 and volunteers continue to collect this type of dangerous behavior for proof that stronger enforcement is immediately needed along Routes 151 & 6 in Nelson County, Virginia.



  1. There should be no passing lanes at all on Rt 151 or Rt 6 and the speed limit lowered. These two roads carry too much traffic these days. Reducing the speed limit helps save lives. This should just be only on the Rockfish side of Nelson County through Nellysford which is already 45 mph. One more thing that amazed me, but I had no camera on me-sitting to turn left in to RVCC, a line of cars waiting , people cruise through right hand parking area (they use it for weigh and check station for trucks) like a bat out of hell and hop back on Rt 151. Of course as soon as traffic starts to move after the person has turned causes those in that off side area to abruptly stop. I am surprised no one has had an accident there. This streak of accidents we are having means everyone is driving tooooooooooooo fast and definitely in a hurry!

  2. Well, first of all,how fast were you travelling to make a tractor trailer want to pass you? That must have been pretty slow, probably unsafe slow. Tractor Trailer drivers don’t want to get into accidents or cause them, and it appears from your photos that he had plenty of time to get over, and he was clearly in his lane in enough time. Like I said he or she wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t safe, they have jobs too that rely on timing and if they can find a way, and a safe way at that to make for better time, they will do that. I’m not saying that I’m against them, but you should have some better proof and evidence that they are causing problems. Most of the accidents along 151 are due to bad car drivers who don’t pay attention, so maybe we should ban people who can’t drive?

  3. Hi “Questionable”

    Thanks for dropping us a note. To answer your questionn that particular day we were doing 53 miles per hour. You got us, we were two miles under the posted limit.

    For the record, this driver did not have safe distance to pass. Had I still been a law enforcement officer I could have ticketed him, at least under Tennessee law. I can’t speak in VA for sure.

    That being said. I do agree with you that many, many semi drivers are safe and do the right thing. This happened to be the one that didn’t. But to say they don’t pass out here is completely inaccurate, it happens daily. We have personally seen it, and it’s reported by others daily.

    You again are correct, the numbers say it. Trucks are involved in very few wrecks along 151 & 6. Overwhelmingly, it is passenger cars and trucks. However, since some 500 large rigs a day (VDOT’s numbers) use these two roads, the normal ebb and flow of regular car traffic is impeded.

    P-151 believes in keeping the truck on highways created for this type of traffic. An interstate with restricted on and off ramps and a U.S. Highway made for this type of volume and traffic.


  4. In my opinion, I feel that the majority of the wrecks on these roads are from people not paying attention and careless drivers, one wreck was because someone fell asleep at the wheel, another wreck was because someone crossed over the yellow line, neither one of these were due to speed. I feel that the speed limit should be 45 in certain areas, but not all the way down 151. I drive this road everyday M-F going to work and what I experience the most is people pulling out in front of me and not paying attention. As far as people passing on double lines, yes I have seen this happen and it is due to people driving 45 in a 55 mph zone. Some people don’t have anywhere to go, while the rest of us are trying to get to work and it is very frustrating. Why aren’t the cops out there giving people tickets for driving too slow? This can be just as dangerous. I run into this everyday going to work and coming back home. A normal 40 minute drive to work can take me an hour and coming home can take me an hour to an hour and 10 minutes and this is mainly because of 151 and slow drivers. I feel that something should be done about this. I feel like 151 is a deathtrap and several other people have expressed that to me also.

  5. Enforcement Enforcement Enforcement is what is needed on 151 and 6. Overall traffic in general has increased tremendously. Most truckers mind the speed limit, but then we have the speed demons or the ones that tailgate so close you are afraid to make your turn off the road for fear you will get rear ended. But it is not only the truckers! People going to Wintergreen to ski, or locals who are in a hurry to get to and from work. Then you have the slow pokes who go 35 in a 55 zone, frustrating the 4 or so cars lined up behind them to the point the 3rd or so vehicle decides to pass everybody at one time (no matter if there is a double yellow line or not) and barely manages to get back in his/her lane before reaching oncoming traffic. Again, Enforcement is what is needed on a regular basis. This is after all still a rural country side, and we deal with tractors and farm use vehicles that have to share the roads also. There is no perfect solution, but it is a known fact that having law enforcement around does tend to keep everyone on their “P’s and Q’s”. Widening the roads would only invite more traffic. Lower the speed limits to 45 could help, but only if enforced. Drivers of all types of vehicles need to be more responsible; maybe put the cell phones down while driving, not trying to pick up the lighter that fell on the floor while driving, not looking at everything but the road while driving, etc. Our beautiful country roads no longer have just “rural” traffic, and somehow we need to adjust to keep them safe.

  6. All drivers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Traffic has steadily increased over the years on Route 151 and 6. Not only truck traffic – all traffic! I do not believe that banning truck traffic will decrease the amount of accidents because doing so will not change people’s driving habits. Those who pay attention while driving will continue to do so and those that do not pay attention will continue doing so!

    The installation of turning lanes would be useful. The visability of law officials also would be beneficial.

    I have lived in this community my entire life and have seen it transform from a quiet tranquil community to one that is bustling. We will continue to grow and need to work together to find the best possible solutions to the challenges that are and will be presented to us.

    In the end, people need to pay attention when they are driving. Negligent drivers have caused the majority of accidents along these two stretches of roads. My heart goes out to the families that have lost loved ones while driving along these stretches of highway.

  7. The following is a letter sent 10/10/08 to the supervisors. It is one of several I have sent in the past on route 151 and other subjects in this county.

    Open letter to the board of supervisors:

    Ms. Brenen and Gentlemen:

    I question your approval for the location of the propane tanks. Citizens of the county and the board of supervisors are all concerned about the use of the tractor trailers on Route 151. There have been many crashes some fatal on this road. Although not in the proposed location of these tanks, let me remind the board that it could happen in the area. If you check with VDOT, they can tell you how far a car being driven at 60 mph, would travel in a crash. Then ask them how far a tractor trailer will travel going at the same speed. These tanks if hit would go off like a bomb and destroying and killing everything and everyone in the area. I would suggest that the supervisors ask the fire dept to find another location on the otherside of the building (several hundred feet from the road). Vegetative screening and a chain link fence will not stop a runaway vehicle.

    Quote from Rural Nelson as taken at your board meeting of 10-09-07
    the applicant has applied to install two 30,000-gallon propane storage tanks
    on their property at 11100 Rockfish Valley Highway. The tanks will be
    located approximately 125 feet from the edge of the highway at the northern
    end of the property. He noted that the front of the tanks is screened from
    view and the storage area will be enclosed by a chain link fence. Mr. Boger
    said that an E&S plan is not required and that if there is any lighting, it
    would be a small security light. Mr. Harvey, Chief of RVFD, said that the
    tanks will be placed at the bottom of an embankment with vegetative
    screening but that if visible from Rt. 151, additional screening will be
    added. With no public comment, Supervisors voted 4-0 (Mr. Harvey
    abstaining) to approve the permit with two conditions: 1) the existing
    screening on the western and northern property line will be maintained and
    replaced if trees become diseased; and 2) any lighting for the site will be
    submitted to the Planning Office for review and approval.”

  8. First I would like to commend the Project 151 team on their diligent work and a well run public forum on Wednesday evening. Thank you
    And then…
    Yesterday morning my daughter-in-laws parents were leaving our farm on 151 at dawn. A tractor trailer with one headlight out traveling north on 151 crested the hill just as they pulled onto the highway from our entrance south of Patricks Market. The driver of the truck laid on his horn and Mr. Hall floored his gas pedal and an accident was averted. Mr. Hall stated the truck continued on his bumper the remainder of 151 to the Rt. 250 intersection. They were so shaken, they did not think to get any identifying information off the truck.
    Recently my daughter-in-law was leaving the farm to take my granddaughter to school and herself to work when a tractor trailer came down the same hill at a high rate of speed and skidded to a halt narrowly missing a car traveling south turning into Patrick’s Market. She also was shaken, wondering if it would lose control and hit her while she was stopped in our entrance. You can examine the skid marks in front of our property for yourself.
    At great expense, we put in a new commercial grade entrance to our property when we purchased it 2 years ago. It is not a blind entrance but if a tractor trailer comes over the hill at 60 plus miles per hour it is not going to be able to stop if a tractor going 25 mph has just pulled onto the highway.
    No, I wasn’t born and raised in Nelson Co. but my father was a dairy farmer and one of my brothers drove a tractor trailer. We must find ways to reason together and act NOW to support a safer environment and save the rural way of life that those living in the county value.

  9. Has anyone looked at how the Amish communities in other states deal with these hazards. A lot of these communities use non-motorized vehicles and although accidents still happen the localities have made some type of allowances for these much slower vehicles.

    Just a thought. May be some food for thought in these areas and their solutions.

    The idea is not to try to reinvent the wheel but find what is working in other areas.

  10. I look about twice a year when I travel through Pennsylvania on Rt. 15. For 20 of the last 25 years that highway has been under construction putting in a 4 lane highway-right through Amish country. It has been a nightmare to travel through it. Countless lives have been lost before, during and since. Signs litter the highway warning of “aggressive drivers” I cannot imagine living there. Unfortunately there is no good way around it-believe me I would have taken it. There is a parallel road that most of the horse and buggy folks use. The Susquehanna River is on the other side so no need to cross over.

  11. Come on people the speed lowered to 45 is not going to help duh. No matter how slow you drive if you can’t stay on your side of the road or see cars turning in front of you then you shouldn’t be driving anyway. The low speed limits is just crazy. Yes it should be 40 coming by 635 but not all of 151 thats stupid no need for that. With a speed limit of 45 on 151 is going to cause more wrecks. Just read into this a little more then wake up to see that if you can’t come up with a way to keep people on their side of the road & if you can’t make them watch what they are doing when they are driving then we will never have safe roads.

    Do you really think that a speed limit of 45 is going to stop wrecks? I will answer that for you NO IT WON’T be for real about this everyone we are not God but we can think with some common sense about these roads. Yes the trucks should go I do agree with that.

    The best we can do to even start to make the road safe is to find away to have rails down the center of the roads on the yellow lines so when people ride to close to the line they will hit the rails an not the on coming traffic.

    Lets keep it real ok ….. speed limits lower near 635 with road signs & police at the store to catch speeders, get the trucks off the road, get some turning lanes & some rails to divide the lanes.

    I am keepin it real,

  12. Dear Project 151 Team:

    Thank you for your efforts to find a solution to make 151 safe.

    I am writing to express concern about the safety issues at the intersection of 151 and Spruce Creek Lane. There is a blind curve at this intersection. In order to turn left onto 151 and head towards 250, because I cannot see cars coming, I turn off my radio, turn off my heat/or air conditioning, roll down my windows, and listen (and look as much as I can around the blind curve) to verify if I hear any cars coming. Then I accelerate quickly because there are times I cannot hear the vehicle and cannot see because of the blind curve. I have had a close call at this intersection. There are also school buses on this road turning on 151 which do not have the ability to accelerate quickly to get onto 151.

    A member of the Board of Supervisors stated they have been working to get this intersection fixed for years. Another member of the county stated that they had sent a report to VDOT to review this intersection.

    This blind curve could be fixed in a matter of 2 to 3 days by just shaving off part of the hill like they had done by Andersons Market. It is solution that could be reached quickly and would not cost millions of dollars, but could save lives.

    I thank you for any help you can give us. The banged up guard rail is evidence that something needs done at this intersection.

    Regarding the truck traffic, I agree with you that they need to be off 151, not because they are the cause of the majority of the accidents, but because this is a dangerous road, and a truck will increase the possibility of fatality in case of accident. Although some truckers do drive responsively, some do not. I have seen three tracker trailer accidents this year alone– many due to too wide a turn or making a turn too fast. If the Trucking Association will not agree to having them off 151, maybe a compromise can be reached to limit their usage between the hours of 12am to 6am when less car traffic is on the road. I have seen this type of restriction in other areas.

    Also, instead of waiting for VDOT, can we begin to review those roads that intersect with 151. For example, Sunrise Rd. has a blind hill. On driving 151 there is a lot of black marks on the road from vehicles slamming on the brakes.

    Thank you for your help,

    Sherri C.

  13. D. I agree 100% with you put rails down the center of the road.Maybe it will help save another family from losing a love one like I lost my sister Gertrude.PEOPLE OF NELSON please find solution before some one else loses a love one.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  14. I’m very sorry for your loss Mary. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. I am very sorry for your lost Mary. I pray that we can do something. I do think rails would be great. Also, I was on 64 an a thought came to mind. You know the things that is on the sides of 64 so when you run off the road they are so loud that if you are sleep you will wake up. I guess its cuts in the pavement or something like that. Those would be helpful so if someone runs off the road they will alert them. We need those in the middle on the road so when people cross the line those pavement cuts will hopefully alert them to watch what they are doing. It has to be something we can do.

    Lets get those pavement cuts in the lanes like on 64 & some rails to keep people on their side of the road, lets get the trucks off the road & lower the speed limit near smalls & ashleys & lets get more police out here to stop the speeders. If we all work together we can make this happen. We do have the power to save more lives we just have to go about this in a normal way that works for everyone.

    Getting this stuff done is the least we can do for the people that have lost their lives on 151 & Rt. 6. Lets not just do it for us & our safety but lets do it for them also & their familys to show yes we do care & yes we WILL make a difference.

    Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN people. WE CAN DO IT.

    Keeping it real,

  16. Regarding the use of 151: it is a state maintained road that we ALL pay for and have the right to use. We should also have the right to influence HOW it is used. For trucks to save 20 minutes by slicing through rural counties on roads not sutable for that use is one of the problems. Get them on 29N/64W!
    Truckers argument works ONLY if there were no alternate route.
    I agree there is no easy win win solution. Someone must give.
    1)Traffic lights at 151/250, 151/6W, 151/School, 151/6E. All or some of these intersections. That 20 minutes will evaporate for trucks.
    2)Leave for work 5 minutes earlier people
    3)Slow down, life is a journey, not a race.


  17. There are clearly far too many people with “valid” drivers licenses that should not be driving. What’s the solution? I have no idea.

    But I’ll say this; 151 is too narrow, and needs turn lanes. It would be great to not have the giant trucks barreling down 151 and 6 as well. And folks just slowing down, paying attention and turning of the cell phones would be nice….

    Dare to dream

  18. NOTE FROM MODERATOR: Be aware that the poster uses vulgarities in his post and email address.

    Its the timid, undecisive, slow, and cell phone driving that gets you killed.

    For example, turning left. You should almost never have to stop if you have a sense of timing and are paying attention.

    ANTICIPATE your turn, ADJUST your speed well in advance, then turn swiftly and decisively even if there is traffic approaching. You know you’ll make it because you are off the phone and sharp as a tack. You are not “cutting off” an oncoming car if you clear it by 50 yards even if its at speed. The risk to you and others is much lower than if you are at a dead stop waiting to turn. Just always remember, its not the speed its the difference in speed that causes a wreck. Just remember….dead stop = just plain dead.

    What’t the last thing that goes through your mind when a semi rear ends you at 55? Your asshole. Dont get dead. Pay attention and think on your feet.

  19. NOTE FROM MODERATOR: Be aware that the poster uses vulgarities in his email address (which may be hidden from view).

    Oh and another thing, if you do find yourself at a dead stop, you need to be very nervously watching your rear view. Always nervous always looking. Never on the phone never guard down. Watch the rear view more than the front.

    What is your plan, what is your escape route?
    Are your wheels pre-steered? They should be fully turned before you start to roll into your turn. None of this slow sweeping turn BS you see all the time. Drive like you are the secret service. Your life depends on it. Get nervous. Get serious. Live, and save the lives of your children. ALWAYS KNOW THE ESCAPE and be prepared to ditch your car versus getting scattered by a big truck that can’t stop.


  20. The first picture, of the station wagon over the line, only shows evidence that can be used against the photographer.

    It is clear snapped from the drivers seat. Photography while driving falls under reckless driving. Because of the pickup truck, you don’t see why he is over the yellow line, maybe a deer or bicycle?

    Lowering the speed limit would be a disaster. The road was engineered for 55, if you try to force 45 you will have more rambos passing illegally.

    The bottom line is that not just on 151 but everywhere you go there are going to be terrible drivers. As a good driver, if you feel like living to support your family, you better take responsibility for yourself. Learn how to drive. Not commute, drive. Get the fear out of your blood. Learn how to crash. Knowing how to crash means developing the set of skills that will be with you on a split second notice when its time to decide what to crash into. The fence or the child in the road, the other car or that deer in the road, the ditch or the tractor trailer. What are you going to crash into. No time to think, just crash. Know how to crash. Live.

  21. Rick ,
    your comment

    “Are your wheels pre-steered? They should be fully turned before you start to roll into your turn.”

    Rick ,
    PRE-STEERED wheels is what gets people hurt! If you’re stopped in the road waiting for oncoming traffic with “PRE-STERRED” wheels where is your car/truck going if you get rear ended??

    The #1 answer is : Straight into the 55mph+ oncoming traffic that you are sitting in the road waiting for!!
    PROJECT151 keep up the good work!

    PS:Rick , the family members and loved ones of 6 local persons (that I personally knew ) that have been killed in the past year , may not appreciate your cute little a-hole comment !! Nor do I

  22. I agree staying “pre-steered” is not good, you need to be prepared to adjst in an instant.

    You may not appreciate my comment, but there’s nothing quite as ugly as the recent wrecks and destroyed lives.

    Its time to get tough, not just on trucks, but on yourself. Are you really “in the game” when you are driving or are you allowing yourself to get distracted.

    The idiot in the truck that fell asleep, he was not in the same category as CDL truckers. Anyone can drive a truck up to 26,000 lbs. The deadliest trucks are not the big trucks, nor is it the speed limit.

    If the “slow is safe” mentality prevails, and a maximum speed of 45 is assigned to all of 151, trucks will actually get down to 25-30 up hills due to lost momentum. Result: ugly rear end crashes like with slow trucks on Afton.

    The 35 -45 MPH slow pokes in the 55 need to just surrender threir drivers license and ride the JAUNT. I call the cops on every single one and report them for reckless driving and impeding the flow of traffic.

  23. I am glad I am not the only one who has an issue with drivers taking pictures such as these. In no way can this be safe driving as it is yet another reason for drivers to be distracted. Add this to cell phones, eating and all other distractions that lead to accidents. If I were to see someone taking pictures and driving, I would IMMEDIATELY pull over and call 911 and report a dangerous driver.

    Also I question the death count as somewhat inaccurate. We must not forget John Wade Campbell who eventually passed on after a long fight, due to injuries from an accident on 151 at what used to be Falls Market.

    Aggressive police enforcement is the answer to this problem in my eyes. I would start with the people taking these pictures.

  24. Project 151 would never and does not encourage drivers to take pictures while operating a motor vehicle. Common sense would dictate you would never want to do that. Pretty much goes without saying. However, as was the case with the two P-151 took, a passenger took the photographs, not the driver.


  25. I too had the same experience as Hiedi Crandall at the turn into RVCC. It was a race to see who was going to be first..the car off the road that went around me on the right or the car that was in line behind me. they both wanted to be first.

  26. When I turn onto Rockfish School Lane facing north, I now keep my foot on the break, watch the rear view mirror and step on the breaks a couple of times to make folks aware I am stopped and also put my arm out to turn…this seems to get people behind me stopping or going around me using the truck pull off. To turn facing south, I put on the turn signal way in advance and slow way down, still others want to run me down. Everyone is in such a hurry…

  27. I find it interesting that the person taking the pictures posted on this site of the wreck today waited until there was a tractor trailer passing in the background to snap the shots. I admit that I wasn’t there personally and the details haven’t come out yet but a friend that was there said that a 1 ton dump truck was the other vehicle involved. When was the last time an actual tractor trailer was involved in an accident?
    What exactly has changed in the last few years to cause all of these wrecks? The road is basically the same as is has been for the last 20 or 30 years. People need to drive defensively, and obey the posted speed limit.

  28. Hi “B”,

    The tractor trailer had nothing to do with this accident. Your imagination is getting a little carried away. The semi truck was pulled in behind the accident scene and was off the road in the inspection station near where the accident happened. It was sitting in the background stationary and there was no way from the angle it was shot that it could be avoided.

    We know it was a Chevy panel van and a Ford F-350. In none of our BREAKING posts did we ever refer to this as a tractor trailer accident or infer that a tractor trailer had anything to do with it.

    Though our position is that of eventually eliminating through trucks, we never would fabricate the facts, ever.


  29. I agree with B on this one. Project 151 can you guys just get a life……plus if you are going to publish and report every accident…….do it tactfully…there are victoms who are hurt not only physically but emotionally with these accidents. No one wants a bunch of nosey photographers taking pictures of moments that aren’t the best for them. Please respect the privacy of people who are involved in these accidents. AND GET A LIFE!!

  30. You know, a thought came to me today as I was driving home from work. Across Rt. 6, up 151 and down 635. I think I have figured out the common denominator. While most of the people that have been injured in the accidents have been local people that just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it seems to me that most of the people that have caused the wrecks have been passing through. They aren’t from around here. They don’t know that you need to take special care coming across the bridge at Small’s (aka Patrick Brothers for those not from here). They don’t know to slow down coming around the curve at Ashley’s. Again I don’t know for sure and haven’t done the research but judging by the vehicles I bet some of them have been workers going to Wintergreen. Speaking of which, what is going to happen when they open the slopes and 151 is packed with people that don’t know the road and are only set on going skiing or are so tired they can hardly keep their eyes open on the way home? You know, the ones that can’t get to work because of the snow but decide to take a shot at going skiing. Maybe you should add closing Wintergreen to the list along with lowering the speed limit and banning trucks?

    I come in and out of 635 at least twice and day and see the paint marks on the road and the toy horses on the guardrail post. It breaks my heart to think of the lives lost so tragically in that spot. However I still don’t see how lowering the speed limit 10 mph and banning tractor trailers could have prevented a wreck which , last I heard, was caused by a driver that dozed off. Speed nor size is going to prevent stupid or careless people from doing stupid or careless things behind the wheel.

    I applaud your efforts. I just feel that they are slighty mis-directed. I also feel that the folks driving slowly with the signs in the windows are going to get someone hurt by making normally safe drivers become aggresive and doing something, well, stupid and careless.

  31. Thanks for the comment B.

    While we have observed many drivers from out of town driving unsafe, there’s plenty of blame to go along locally as well. Closing Wintergreen isn’t objective and ridiculous. Like it or not, these highways, under current regulations, are for anyone to travel. The reason P-151 endorses the removal of semi through trucks from the road is because it’s a fairly quick remedy to relieve some of the unnecessary traffic from Routes 151 & 6. Over 500 a day. By keeping commercial large load through trucks on interstates and U.S. four lane highways designed for that very purpose, you eliminate a huge logjam of traffic daily to these roads. An added side related benefit is helping to preserve the rural character of the valley, something we would think “locals” native Nelsonians, would embrace. Again for the record, this would not include local trucks conducting business here like, gravel hauling operations, logging, etc or folks making deliveries to Nelson businesses.

    We totally agree with your position on the intentional driving slowly to impede traffic. Anyone driving with such signs are not part of Project 151 and Project 151 does not endorse that kind of activity. While we think traffic should slow down, simply obeying the current speeds would help, we don’t think a campaign of driving slow on purpose does anything but add to the chances of creating additional accidents.

    Again, we go back to enforcement and Bonnie’s opinion in another post, without enforcement of the existing laws, not much matters There are people, unfortunately, dozing off, doing their hair, etc on every road in America, but Routes 151 and 6 have more than their fair share of accidents.


  32. I can’t help but feel like Project 151 is “out to get” tractor trailers. I too have had “close calls” with tractor trailers but I have had far more “close calls” with in-attentive drivers, out of state drivers who don’t know the road or the drivers who go way below the speed limit and cause people to tail gate me for their slowness!!! Bottom line is you need to enforce the laws and speed limits we already have. Congrats!! You got a portion of 151 down to 45 but the bigger question is: Who is enforcing it? I have seen NOT ONE police offier (with the exception of a state trooper who lives in the area). Why obey the laws when no one enforces it? That is WHY all of this unacceptable behavior on the road continues. I commend you Project 151 on your efforts but feel like sometimes you are not as objective as you should be.

  33. Dear Here Today,

    Thanks for your comments. Though it may appear we are simply out for truckers, be assured we are not. However, 75% of our respondents to last year’s survey wanted something done about the 500+ semi rigs that clog the rural 151 / 6 stretch of highway through the Rockfish Valley.

    We agree with you, enforcement before and after the speed limit adjustment has been essentially zero. Yes, we have observed an occasional state police car here and there, but not the enforcement that was promised. As we mentioned in our minutes posted from the last meeting, VSP didn’t even show up,. VDOT made the request and wanted them there, but no show, no explanation. We are giving newly elected Nelson Sheriff David Brooks some time to get settled into office, but have been promised personally by him that he will begin aggressive enforcement on 151 & 6 over time.

    We have always said we are not an anti trucking organization, to the contrary. However, we don’t ignore that many of the state, national, and international legislative changes that are occurring affect us here at the local level.

    P-151 has seen very positive changes from the effort of the 350 plus people that packed the RVCC last fall wanting change. However, it’s simply not enough. The biggest fear is that once the speed trailers are removed, and the memories die, it will be business as usual.

    Right again, Here Today, passenger cars carry just as much blame as anyone. And again, without enforcement none of it matters.

    Route(s) 151 and 6 are not designed for what they currently do. P-151 still, and always has maintained, large commercial traffic should stay on the wide, restricted access interstates and U.S. Highways designed for that very purpose.


  34. good afternoon and God bless I am truly sorry for everyones loss as a professional with a wife and three kids I know regardless of what industry there will always be bad apples I personally pay over 11,563.33 a year in highway use and fuel tax and yes I am a va, resident which in turn gives me the right to use 6 and 151 but regardless of that I wanted to explain why most truckers use this route go north on 29 especially between 7 and 10 am and 3 to 6 pm and try to turn left across 29 onto 64w we have begged for years for vdot to put a light there crossing 6 and 151 puts me and motorist in a far less dangerous situation than trying to cross 29 from a dead stop grossing 80,000 pounds if there was a light I personally would never cross 6 and 151 also how bout some dui for the two yuppie bars out near the end of 151? I wish each of you well but I do challenge especially in the afternoon rush ride up and take some pics and videos at 29 and 64 this will horrify you a lot more than us dragging up and down the hills on 6 and 151 holding up some precious yuppie for 5 min as he txts smokes a cigarette guzzles his strarbucks watches his gps and fools with his phone and speeds like hell on his way to wintergreen or to the winery for the latest tasting or festival just my thoughts

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