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  1. Hi everyone,

    First, good luck on the project! Wish more folks were more into community involvement like you all are!

    Second, I would encourage you all to focus more on enforcement of existing traffic laws–especially speed limits. In all honesty, I don’t think that any state level bureaucracy is going to restrict tractor trailers on 151/6. It’s the major route for truck traffic between Lynchburg and points south, and most everything west of the Blue Ridge. Those truckers may not be much to look at, but the businesses that depend on them make up some pretty heavy political power. (I mean, have you ever met Virgil Goode??? Good luck getting him to care about anything decent!) On the other hand, I think local law enforcement would be pretty receptive to writing more tickets. It’s fairly straightforward, and it lines their coffers.

    From my perspective (very longtime Batesville resident and for many years on Craig’s Store Rd just over the county line), traffic on 151/6 didn’t get bad until the last few years. To my eyes, the difference isn’t increased truck traffic, but increased housing development (both at Wintergreen and in the county). I now try to avoid 151 anywhere near “rush hour.” A few years back, there wasn’t a rush hour to speak of. If you’ve been here more than 5 years, you know what I mean. In my mind, the problem is people commuting to Charlottesville, Waynesboro, or Staunton on the weekdays, and then people commuting from God-knows-where to Wintergreen on the weekends. They all seem to feel like they’re running really late for something super important, and that they have to get there before anyone else does. Let the cops write them tickets for 75 in a 55. I’m all for that. Or better yet lower the speed limit for everyone to 50. That would make 75 reckless driving–which it is on that stretch of road. I don’t think a lower speed limit for trucks is a good idea for two reasons: one, it would probably piss them off and encourage them to go faster; two, if–by some miracle–they obeyed a lower speed limit, it would certainly encourage more dangerous behavior by speeding automobiles.

    I wasn’t at all surprised to see your picture of that genius in the luxury wagon (looks like a Mercedes to me) passing on the double yellow. I was surprised to see the picture of the truck passing you. How fast were you going? I’ve never been passed by a truck on that stretch of road, and I rarely go faster than 60. I get passed by a fair amount of cars at that speed though. What really gets my blood boiling is when they have out of state plates. Did that Mercedes? I think you’d have just as much luck trying to ban out of state drivers as you would banning through truck traffic–though I bet banning out of state drivers would make a much bigger difference than banning through trucks. (Really, you can’t tell me an aggressive driver in a shinny SUV with Jersey plates doesn’t raise your blood pressure!)

    More realistically speaking, have you thought of asking for a bunch of traffic lights? That might be a better solution–or part of the best solution. If there were 20 traffic lights between the bottom of Afton and where 6 hits 29, that might be enough to convince truckers to take 64 to the 29S exit in Charlottesville instead. One of those fatal wrecks (which have all been car on car, or car on tree, right?) was at the end of my road (Greenfield Rd). Five years ago, I’d never have to wait for more than a few seconds before making that turn onto 151. Now, it can be 5 minutes if you catch it at the wrong time of day. It also never felt like a particularly dangerous turn, now it feels like one of the most dangerous ones around. Again, I’d say the difference is vastly increased car traffic, nothing to do with trucks. In any event, it seems like it’s an intersection ripe for a traffic light–especially considering three people were just killed there the other month.

    Well that’s about my two cents. I’ve got no personal connection to anything truck related, I just had never noticed they were a problem–perhaps because I was so busy trying not to get run over by some idiot in a shinny car with a Wintergreen sticker on the corner of the bumper.

    I’m all for what you all are trying to accomplish–my advice for you is just don’t get too hung up on the through truck thing. And give that traffic light idea some thought.

    See you at the farmers market–I’ll be the one in the 500,000 mile ’87 Volvo wagon with the “I drive 25 in Batesville” bumper sticker! Can’t say I do much speeding in that old girl!

    Kind regards,
    John McKeon

  2. Thanks for making an effort to address this important issue of safety on 151. We tried in the past when Emily Couric was a representative, but there really hasn’t been any enforcement to speak of.

    The speed limit is too high given all the driveways, stores, and roads that intersect with 151. It should be 40mph, and enforced. In addition there should be NO passing. Given the twists and turns, driveways, stores, and other roads, one could easily face an oncoming vehicle even if it looked clear and safe to pass.

    As for the trucks, I agree that they should not be using this road as a cut through. 64 and 29 are two lanes, divided by a median strip from the opposite two lanes. I think that these roads are much better equiped to handle that truck traffic already. If we had a lower speed limit, no passing and enforcement, the truck issue would take care of itself. Good luck, I’m happy to do anything I can to help. Margie (Dr. Flather)

  3. There are clearly far too many people with “valid” drivers licenses that should not be driving. What’s the solution? I have no idea.

    But I’ll say this; 151 is too narrow, and needs turn lanes. It would be great to not have the giant trucks barreling down 151 and 6 as well. And folks just slowing down, paying attention and turning of the cell phones would be nice….

    Dare to dream

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