Posted by: project151 | February 10, 2010

Second Tractor Trailer Accident In Less Than 2 Months Blocks Rural 151 Traffic In Nelson

Nelson County, Virginia
For the second time in less than two months a semi tractor trailer rig used for hauling turkeys and chickens wrecked in almost exactly the same location along Route 151 in Nelson County, Virginia.

Back on December 19th of 2009, another tractor trailer used for hauling poultry and using Route 151 as a cut through between I-64 and US 29 jackknifed in almost the same location blocking the road and stranding over 400 drivers on their way home in a snow storm and sub freezing temps. Cars were backed all the way up to Rockfish Gap at one point that night while crews worked to clear the road. Drivers finally were able to make it home shortly after midnight.

Caged turkeys and those that got free as a result of the accident sitting on top of the cages.

According Nelson Emergency Service Coordinator, Ray Uttaro, the driver hit an area of black ice and lost control. At the time of the accident, interstates and local roads in Nelson were in very hazardous condition.

The road was completely reopened for normal traffic around 3PM Wednesday afternoon.

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