Posted by: project151 | April 21, 2009

I-81 Tractor Trailer Crash Claims Three Lives & Causes Evacuation Due To Hazmat Spill

Screen grab courtesy of

Screen grab courtesy of

Woodstock, Virginia has long complained that a similar accident along Route 151 in Nelson County, Virginia would be catastrophic. As previously mentioned over 500+ tractor trailer rigs per day transit 151. In complete fairness, statistics do bear that very few of the huge rigs are involved in accidents along the rural Nelson highway. Though the road was built decades ago, long before the amount of traffic seen today on the winding, narrow, two lane stretch of highway. The road is used as a popular cut through for semi rigs between I-81 to I-64 and US Route 29.

This is the very reason continues to argue that rigs (other than those conducting local business) such as this should be restricted to interstates and proper 4 lane divided highways, so that when such an accident does happen, the collateral damage to people and communities nearby is lessened. Regardless of fault in this particular accident, the car or the truck, the point is that a similar accident here in Nelson would be terribly catastrophic along Route 151.

The complete details of the accident on I-81 can be viewed by clicking on this link:


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