Posted by: project151 | December 14, 2008

Latest Victim of Three Car Crash On VA Route 151 Tells Story & Speaks Out

This past Friday December 12th, 2008 another three car accident occurred on Virginia Route 151 at Old Route 6 (Afton Mountain Road). follows the original post here.

Mrs. Linda D’Ambola was one of the people involved in the wreck. Her car was totaled and she went to the hospital. She’s doing fine and recovering at home now, thankfully!

This does show the need for more discussion regarding Route 151 in Virginia. And more discussion regarding the proposed speed limit reduction she discusses in her post. As we have said in previous posts, P-151 has not been completely sure that lowering the speed limit to 45 from Nellysford all the way to Route 250 would necessiarly create entirely positive results. But….this exact situation demonstrates why it just might be a good idea.

As P-151 has also stated in the past, numerous times, VA Route 151 is doing something it was NEVER designed to do. Route 151 is a rural winding two lane highway with no shoulder. When originally designed decades ago it wasn’t carrying 575+ semi rigs a day, plus the thousands of passenger cars it does today. In short, “The cows are out and the gate is open.” Without serious redesign or traffic restrictions along with already implemented speed reductions, the problem grows. Commercial businesses and establishments continue to pop up on 151, and others are proposed, adding more to the already full plate of problems along 151.

Below Linda D’Ambola’s verbatim comments courtesy of

Tommy, Yvette and Adam: Thank you for your kind thoughts and flowers. We are all very, very fortunate. I want to thank all the people who assisted at the accident, especially the Volunteer Rescue team. For fear of missing someone, I will say I remember several smiling faces telling me I was OK. I really needed those words and appreciate the people who took the time to offer assurances. Now may I rant?

Yes, the 5-airbag option that I purchased with the car worked. I never dreamed I would test it. You know how I feel about the speed on Rt. 151 – it needs to be 45mph all the way to Rt. 250. I want to thank you for your efforts to make the changes that have already reduced the speed for a small portion of the road. A slower speed has the potential of allowing people to be more attentive. On Friday the vehicle that was rear-ended on Rt. 151 was pushed into the on-coming traffic which had just passed. After the inattentive vehicle bounced off of the van waiting to make a turn, it came onto Avon Road as I was approaching the stop sign. The vehicle that hit me was moving quite fast and turned my car headon into the bank with him.

Several years ago I sent an email to VDOT HQ in Richmond complaining about the missing 45mph cautionary sign on the northbound lane before the Avon Road intersection. VDOT came and installed 8 route directional signs and has never replaced the 45mph cautionary sign. The holes are still in the post – it would have been easy to replace. It is a mystery to me why VDOT does not get it. The only conclusion I can come to is incompetence. We are not victims of speed and inattention, but blatant, bureaucratic incompetence. Someone at VDOT who is responsible for the situation on Rt. 151 is collecting a paycheck at the taxpayers expense and is asleep at the switch! He or she may be a very nice person, but is completely incompetent for the job.

The local people know most of the trouble spots on Rt. 151, but the tourists, day-workers and delivery vehicles do not know the community, the traffic patterns, or the serious issues that we have on Rt. 151. It is a community at risk all the time from speeding vehicles. I am asking that you have another meeting to push VDOT to extend the reduction of the speed limit all the way to Rt. 250. Do more people have to be injuried or die for this to happen? The community has changed, and VDOT is clueless!!! Neighbors near BBT tell me that there have been at least 7 serious accidents in front of the bank. Everyone who travels Rt. 151 is on a death road, and VDOT either does not care or does not get it!

Thanks for listening to the rant – I guess I feel better already!


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