Posted by: project151 | November 7, 2008

Speed Limit Change Takes Effect On Other Parts of Route 151

New 45 MPH speed limits signs went up this past week between Route 6E and points south toward Nellysford, Virginia

New 45 MPH speed limits signs went up this past week between Route 6E and points south toward Nellysford, Virginia

As we first told you back in June of this year, The Nelson BOS voted to lower the speed limit on another section of VA Route 151 between Route 6E and Nellysford. In December of 2007 a portion of 151 north toward Greenfield was lowered from 55 MPH to 45 in response to one of the deadliest years in traffic history along the winding rural two highway in Nelson County, Virginia. An outcry from citizens prompted changes to the highway built decades ago.

Prior to the most recent 45 MPH speed limit change, drivers traveling south on Route 151 toward Nellysford would be in the 45 MPH zone until just past Martin Store Substation, then the speed limit would increase back to 55 MPH for a short distance, only to drop back to 45 MPH as you entered Nellysford.

Bland Wade Road & Virginia Route 151 Intersection

Bland Wade Road & Virginia Route 151 Intersection

The newest change now makes Route 151 a consistent 45 MPH from just north of Bland Wade Road near the area of Afton Family Medicine and Five Star Health & Fitness, all of the way south into Nellysford, Virginia



  1. I guess forcing drivers to slow down on RT151 will save lives, but where is the sense of the speed limit being the same for Lodebar as for down town Nellysford!

  2. Who bright idea was it to lower the speed limit from rt. 6 to nellysford. That is the dumbist thing I have ever seen. Whoever is causing all the slower limits in Nelson to go back where they came from. The country was a great place to live until whoever came in and started changing things. People are passes when they shouldn’t, running others off the road just because some idiots want the speed limit to be 45. I bet 90% of those that are for this 45 speed limit aren’t even driving that slow. Can you even begin to think how bad things will get when ski season start with all those cars and buses. We are going to be in major trouble is someone with some brians don’t set up and get things under control around here. Get the speed limit back to 55 in the normal areas. The bac places are 635 Greenfield Road why do you want to make the whole community suffer.

    I think I will look into make some changes myself the will make Nelson safe and make the people happy since this group in going in the wrong direction.

  3. Though Project 151 did not push for the most recent changes to the speed limit Terri, that would have been local BOS supervisor, Tommy Harvey, we don’t totally disagree with his move and apparently from two different polls, neither does most of the public.

    We do have some reservations about a plan to extend that all the way from Route 250 into Nellysford. There is a point of diminishing return, however, it may also rid Route 151 of the some 575+ large semi trucks that use the rural under designed highway each day as a cut through from I-64 to Route 29. Traveling 45 MPH will simply make it undesirable.

    P-151 does not feel that simply reducing the the speed limit will do the job. But regardless, at least something is being tried, and there have been 0 fatalities on 151 in 2008 thus far since the changes have been made.

    As for the “idiots” that wanted the speed limit changed to 45 MPH, it’s nice to know that the majority of Nelsonians are in the presence of such great intelligence and can only hope to become as smart as you one day. Guess all of the VDOT engineers, State Police, and others have such flawed thinking.


  4. Be for real about this how many people really drive 45. I travel 151 every single day and people pass me liking I am driving backwards. The roads are more unsafe now then ever before because you have people pass anywhere they can. The speed limit is not the cause of the wrecks its the driver that dont pay attention or pass when they shouldnt or cross the line or text or talk on the cell etc. now they are doing all that plus driving slow. The trucks need to go I do agree with that 100% but the speed limit to 45 over all of 151 is crazy and you are putting more peoples lives at risk. Just think about what you are doing. You are risking everyones lives here in nelson because you are causing people to pass when they shouldn’t. Think about it

  5. Terri, Project 151 isn’t making anyone pass in a 45 MPH zone. Project 151 didn’t change the speed limit, VDOT changed it after an outcry from the majority of citizens along that road demanded something be done. P-151 did lobby for the that original change affecting a smaller stretch of Route 151. P-151 agrees it was a positive change. As stated in our other posts, P-151 didn’t lobby for the latest changes and has not endorsed the current proposal by Nelson BOS Supervisor, Tommy Harvey, to extend the 45 MPH zone all of the way from Route 250 (Rockfish Gap) to Nellysford. The verdict is still out on this proposal as to whether this would in fact create a situation you describe. VDOT themselves said in a recent public meeting they might have reservations about such a move. That meeting held at RVCC a few weeks ago had a total of 21 people in attendance.

    Hence, P-151 has not endorsed that plan as yet, and feel it does need additional consideration before adoption.

  6. Thats good to hear. However I can’t make the meetings I work until 9pm but maybe someone should have the look at this a little harder. I know p-151 can’t change the way people drive and pass around here but its worth talking about. People on these roads are crazy and myself along with about 30 others in my area feel less safe now because of the amount of drivers that are now passes people that drive the speed limit. Trust me I drive the speed limit I am a firm believer in the law. I don’t even want to drive 151 anymore because of the passers. We need more police and one major thing its not enough 45mph signs up. They should be up every 2 miles so people can’t say they don’t know the speed limits.

  7. I agree with much Terri James and others say regarding the speed reduction to 45mph all the way into Nellysford. 45mph makes sense APPROACHING Rt. 6 when coming from Nellysford because the Rt. 6 & Rt. 151 intersection is dangerous at Martin Store substation. But changing it to 45mph all the way to Nellysford just doesn’t make senseIf you are rear ended ! The cause of accidents on this road is due to lack of attention by drivers.

    If you are rear ended even at 35mph, your car is going to get pushed into a ditch or oncoming traffic because Rt. 151 is a two lane road. Speed reduction does help some, but obviously non-attention is the true culprit.

    Personally I think ALL drivers should have to submit to a written drivers test and view accident videos EVERY 10 YEARS. After the age of 65, all drivers should have to submit to road tests. I’m over 65 and wouldn’t mind in the least. I personally know some people who might have a problem keeping their licenses if they had to pass a road test. Maybe they’d take their driving more seriously. The further away you get from the old Rules of the Road book, the more you forget.

    At any rate, most people drive with their minds on their personal life, talking on their cellphone or text messaging. Stricter drivers license renewal procedures might produce a more attentive drivers.

  8. Nothing more than a speed trap to generate revenue in these tough economic times. Once the word gets out, tourists will go elsewhere.

  9. I don’t understand traffic enforcement on Rt. 151. Police officers need to monitor traffic at the T-intersection of Rt. 6 and 151, also known locally as Martin’s Store. Coming from the town of Nellysford this morning, a flatbed semitrailer on Rt. 6 didn’t stop at the sign, but coasted through the intersection just as we were approaching. We were far too close for him to do that!

    My husband was understandably angry and laid on the horn. After the semitrailer turned on to Rt. 250 to go over Afton Mt., we moved to pass him. This nut of a truck driver proceeded to move his vehicle into our passing lane and practically drove us into incoming traffic! He obviously didn’t appreciate us sounding our horn back at Rt. 6. This driver was not only negligent, but obviously malicious!

    I would like to know why traffic officers are not monitoring the Rt. 6 and Rt. 151 location at Martins Store. I was struck by a vehicle at that intersection a few years ago. The driver admitted he “never looked” before he turned across my lane, some 20 feet in front of me.

    People coast through the Rt. 6 stop sign regularly as did the semi driver we had a problem with. It must be far easier and profitable for the police to capture speeders. It’s negligent and inattentive drivers who cause the problems on Rt. 151, NOT primarily speeders. Why can’t citizens AND the police understand this and take monitor more things than speeding?! Besides statistics don’t lie.

    Signed Exasperated

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