Posted by: project151 | September 22, 2008

New Website & Organization Underway Along 151 Rockfish Valley

A snapshot of the newly formed Virginia Scenic 151 website.

A snapshot of the newly formed Virginia Scenic 151 website.

Congratulations to the folks forming a new organization and website along Route 151 in Nelson County, Virginia along Route 151 running through the Rockfish Valley. The new organization says:

We look to be a voice of the collective citizen. We are YOU. We are seeking to be an accurate concentric voice of the people living and working in the area.

Please send us an email today with the most important issues to you for the future of a more quiet and scenic 151 in the Afton area. What are your concerns?

* Noise from illegal thru-trucks?
* Future development direction?
* Jobs and revenue for Schools and roads?
* The future of rural transportation?
* Bike and walking trails?
* 151view shed and business landscaping?
* Signage and lighting?

Project 151 wholeheartedly supports this new effort along Route 151 to eliminate the continued noise and illegal traffic of trucks using 151 as a cut through between I-64 and U.S. 29.

Kudos to Virginia Scenic 151 and we encourage anyone interested in this project either from a safety or beautification standpoint to join this organization!

You can find out more by going to their website by clicking here.


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