Posted by: project151 | March 13, 2008

BREAKING : Accident At Route 151 & 250 : Rockfish Gap Ties Up Traffic

Photography by Yvette Stafford
For Project 151.Org
Route 250 & 151
Rockfish Gap – Albemarle County, VA

250 & 151 Ax Web
The scene at Route 151 & 250 around 2:30 PM EDT.

Project has learned that a flatbed smaller style deliver truck seen was coming down Route 250 off of Afton Mountain and lost it’s brakes crashing into the semi at the intersection. What you are seeing in the photo above is part of the load on the flatbed that came off in the accident.

There was another accident up the mountain (unrelated we believe) that involved two passenger cars at the intersection of Old Route 6 and Route 250. That scene is cleared.

Albermarle County Police say no one was injured in the 250 & 151 accident.

We are told by reader comments that traffic is flowing normally along the roadways now.



  1. I’m looking out my window now (at the Rockfish Gap store), they are just clearing the last bit of the overturned truck now. While I was coming down the mountain 20 minutes ago, I passed a more serious accident at the intersection of 250 and rt 6. Two completely smashed autos…

  2. David Ferrall wrote:
    Traffic is now moving. 2:50 PM

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