Posted by: project151 | February 19, 2008

Route 151 Driver Notices Lack of Enforcement in New 45 MPH Zones

P-151 got this comment today from Bonnie who drives 151 often:

By: Bonnie on February 19, 2008
at 6:29 am
I travel to the Nelson dump on Rockfish School Lane from Afton every week-end. I am so disgusted to see people in the NEW 45 mph area still exceeding the speed limit – where is the enforcement???? I saw one State Police car a month or so ago with radar and nothing since. I don’t believe the lower speed is the answer since it’s not enforced.

Bonnie makes an interesting and correct observation. Unfortunately, what’s happened is predictable. Authorities bowed to the pressure and made the changes hoping everyone would forget. Promised “tough” enforcement in speed zones is lacking. P-151 has quietly been taking our own speed readings along 151 over the past several weeks and it agrees with what Bonnie says. Our results will be posted soon in a future post.

We can tell you over 50% of the traffic is exceeding the speed limit on a regular basis, and again no surprise, many of the violators in addition to passenger cars are the large semi trucks using Routes 151 and 6 as a cut through between I-64 and Route 29.

Once the driver figures out it’s just speed signs and it’s not enforced, they never slow down.



  1. This morning I was delayed on 151 North by some sort of vehicle with a WIDE/OVERSIZED LOAD carrying what I can only describe as what was apparently a piece of a pre-fab house.

    At first I was pateint w/ it as I thought that the thing was probably being delivered to a local property but incredibly it kept going up to the 250 intersection where it turned East and headed down 250 (another one lane stretch) – even past the 64 exit – probably destined for one of Crozet/Western Albemarle’s “built-overnite” construction sites.

    Unless they are local to 151, these types of deliveries should be banned from our small one-way country road as they are not only a nuisance but very dangerous.

    There seems to be no good reason why this truck could not have taken 29/64 (to get to 250 since it was coming from the south.

    Drivers (out of frustration) still tried to pass the caravan escorting this behemoth – which at times swayed onto the oncoming lane, took up both lanes when turning and curving, and which also seemed to have trouble making it up at least one of the hillier parts of the road.

    I know there is a length limit for trucks allowed on 151 but what about these “WIDE/OVERSIZED LOADS”?!

    Hoping everyone stays safe out there … Janet

  2. I posted a comment back on 2/19/08 about the lack of enforcement in the new 45 mph zone. You stated your results would be posted soon in a future post – I assume on taking your own speed readings along 151 – so where does this stand? I keep thinking, the longer this situation goes without something being done – someone else could loose their life, so let’s do something before that happens again…thanks.

  3. So has project 151 disappeared…never see any new posts and never got an answer back on my last post from March 12, ’08???

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    No P-151 has not disappeared, however, we obviously haven’t had the intensity over the past several months that we initially had.

    The Virginia State Police have been doing a good job over the past several months of controlling speeders and bad driving along 151 & 6. Is there room for improvement? You bet, but we must give them credit for responding to the call last year.

    Do we still find speeders, in particular after troopers are off duty after 11 PM, yes. But not to the extent before. The new 45 MPH zone has helped.

    We are awaiting confirmation that the intersection at Route 635 and 151 is still slated for modification later this year. That is the intersection of the triple fatality last August. We do know that most of the other intersections improvements along 151 have been postponed due to financial considerations by the county. Many have been put off for several years. However, at my last view, 635 and 151 were not on the list as being delayed for improvements.

    We appreciate your continued interest Bonnie!


  5. Thanks for your reply – as I have stated before, I go to the dump every Sunday morning from my house on 6 West….it never fails thru that 45 mph zone, people come up on me like I’m driving 25 and I know darn well people traveling in the opposite direction aren’t doing 45 mph either. Just aggrevates me that maybe the State Police need to be out there to catch the early morning traffic too. Another bad intersection which may need some attention in the near future is 151 & 6 West. When you come to that intersection to make a left turn onto 151, between the guard rail and grass growing you can’t see anything coming and I know there has been a few accidents at that interestion also. Well, thanks again for your reply.

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