Posted by: project151 | December 29, 2007

Accident Watch : Another Crash at Route 151 & 250

Photos By Ken Harris
Accident Scene 12-29-07
Route 151 and 250
Rockfish Gap / Afton, Virginia


This accident occurred Saturday afternoon around 1PM at the intersection of Route 151 and 250 in Albermarle County. Few details are available at this time, but we will update as we have it.





  1. Project 151….why….why…..why do you insist on taking pictures of every accident? I see you didn’t take these pictures, but still why post them. Is it necessary? These are personal and sensative moments in these people’s lives. I am sure most of them don’t appreciate having there damaged car plastered all over this website!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!

  2. While we appreciate your point of view Jim, we feel that knowledge allows people to make their own opinions and decisions. Having been in both the affiliate and network television news business for 15 years, I can assure you that what you are seeing here is mild, very mild. We always respect the crash scene and always make sure images are in low res where people can’t blow up the images and gawk, if you will.

    Conversely, we know it is important to report that yes, we have made strides and improvements to 151, the job is not complete and this remains a dangerous stretch of road.

    The crashes, unfortunately, are a reminder of that.


  3. Keep up the great work Project 151.

    Remind people lives are at risk and safety needs to be foremost in their minds when driving!

    It’s about saving lives Jim.

  4. Have anyone ever tried to grow up ……. as long as no one is killed who really cares what the cars look like also the speed limit can be 5 people will still wreck its call life ….. news flash people if God wants you to be in a wreck then you will be in one no matter how slow or fast you drive …… why don’t everone stop playing God

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