Posted by: project151 | December 6, 2007

Education : VDOT 151 Group Meets

VDOT’s 151 committee met and discussed several issues on December 6, 2007.

In attendance were:

Robert Cary VDOT
Kevin Wright VDOT
Mike McCormack – VDOT
Matt Conner VDOT
Sheriff Elect – David Brooks
Deb Harkrader – Citizen Representative & Petition Coordinator
North District Supervisor, Tommy Harvey
Central Supervisor, Connie Brennan
Tommy Stafford – Project 151
The Virginia State Police, who have a standing seat on the committee were invited by VDOT did not have a representative present.

-Robert Cary, District Administrator for VDOT was on hand and committed his and the agency’s support to the ongoing solutions along Routes 151 & 6.

-North District Supervisor, Tommy Harvey, siad permission had been secured for the VSP to use the Rockfish Valley Fire Department as a truck inspection station rather than the current one near the old Rockfish Valley Community Center. Supervisor Harvey said the most recent head on collision there is a perfect illustration as to why the truck inspections there should not be held at that location. Supervisor Harvey said drivers are too easily distracted when inspections are taking place.

-Discussion was presented by Supervisor Harvey about perhaps routing large trucks down to Exit 107 (Crozet) rather than Exit 99 from I-64 if trucks still wanted to use Route 151. More study would have to be done.
-Kevin Wright and Tommy Stafford discussed center line rumble strips to get driver’s attention that might swerve into the opposing lane of oncoming traffic

-It was discussed that a Virginia State Police Policy prohibits station radar in reduced speed zones such as the new 45 MPH zones instituted along Route 151. The current policy allows for moving radar only. This does not affect the local sheriff’s office from running stationary radar.

-Administrator Cary told the group about grants that might be available for local governments to purchase speed trailers like those currently placed along Route 151 by VDOT.

-Discussion of the new 45 MPH speed zone in effect along Route 151.

Meeting adjourned with a goal of meeitng again within the first 3 months of 2008


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