Posted by: project151 | December 2, 2007

Media Watch : WSET ABC-13 : Efforts Underway to Make Route 151 Safer

From: WSET ABC-13 Lynchburg
Friday November 30, 2007 8:51pm Reporter: Manuel Quinones
Video version of the story available by clicking here then clicking on Watch the e-video.

Nelson Co., VA – It’s been a deadly roadway in our area. Now, efforts are underway to make Route 151 in Nelson County safer.

It’s been under the microscope after several accidents. But we are already seeing changes.

Drivers will now get a warning for driving with a lead foot on 151.

Tommy Stafford, Project 151 – “That alone certainly will not eliminate the problem but it’s a really good start.”

Richard McDowell, Area Resident – “It seems like what I have seen is people looking at the sign and maybe that helps.”

If this warning does not help — maybe getting a ticket will. State and local police have promised stepped up enforcement here.

Stafford – “We have had a promise from the incoming new sheriff that he is going to increase enforcement here.”

It makes sense. Many area residents say it’s a dangerous road. A woman was killed in this accident in October — another wreck killed three people in August.

These signs and stepped up enforcement are the product of community pressure led by Project 151 and a partnership between VDOT (website) , state police and area leaders. Residents hope things change.

Donald Dunniven, Area Resident – “All of them go over the speed limit. I can turn in my driveway and they will pass me on the side that I am turning.”

Drivers will even have to drive slower than the customary 55 miles per hour in two areas of 151. That’s because the speed limit is going down to 45. Area residents say they will keep pushing for changes to make this road safer.

Tommy Stafford with Project 151 says he would also like to see no more trucks cutting through the area. He says they make traffic worse. But officials have said trucks are not the cause of most accidents.



  1. I am glad that Tommy Stafford and the people of his choosing get to be pictured on the News for this stuff. Ever thought of getting the opinion of the other side? Thats right the people who don’t think that the Tractor Trailers should go? Tommy Stafford stop trying to be a hero………because you’re not!

  2. Hi Jim,

    The notion that Tommy Stafford and others in Project 151 are the only ones able to speak their mind on this issue is incorrect. You as a citizen of this country and this area have the right to express your opinion. Hence, allowing your post to be published. If we were trying to stop that we’d simply disapprove your comment. You can contact any of the television stations with your opinion, any newspaper, anyone. When they call to interview P-151 we give our position, you are certainly free to tell them yours.

    As for one person trying to be a hero, incorrect again Jim. Over 350 people spoke their minds in an October meeting and surveys saying they wanted something done. They are the heroes!

    And, it is being done. We commend local supervisors, Tommy Harvey of the north district and Connie Brennan of the central district for representing residents and taking this issue to VDOT and state elected leaders.


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