Posted by: project151 | November 30, 2007

Enforcement : VDOT approves changes to speed limit along portions of Route 151

As we have been mentioning a speed limit change might be forthcoming on parts of Route 151. Today VDOT released word that in fact that would happen within a few days. Late Friday afternoon the release you can download below, by clicking the image, was sent to

Along with several other areas in Virginia, Nelson is given authorization to reduce the speed from 55 MPH to 45 MPH in these areas indicated. Though the actual release doesn’t specify the 45 MPH limit, Kevin Wright with VDOT verified the 45 MPH speed limit in an earlier e-mail today. The changed area is just south of Martin’s Store Substation on 151 (south of Route 6 east toward 29) to just north of Bland Wade Road north of Five Star Fitness and Afton Family Medicine.

Along with the new speed limits which should go into effect by next week as soon as the signs go up, increased enforcement will implemented.

This is a positive move in the right direction and Project is pleased with this announcement. We appreciate VDOT making the much needed change to the road to improve safety and save lives,” says Tommy Stafford of Project

The VDOT Press release sent out Friday afternoon.
Speed Reduction



  1. Congrats to Project-151 for a job well done as a driving force for safety changes to Rt. 151.
    This speed reduction to 45 mph on this most dangerous section of Rt.151 may turn out to be a vital step forward.

  2. This is not a speed reduction.

    It is a posting of signs. Reducing speed will be up to the drivers of the horseless carriages.

    Hopefully all will reduce speed. My fear is that some will reduce speed, and some won’t, resulting in crashes more horric than we have already witnessed.

  3. the speedlimit is needed and will help,but the
    overall problems lay with the people speeding
    not paying attention and on the cell phones and
    in a hurry to get to the top of the mountain.
    not the 18 wheelers

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