Posted by: project151 | November 28, 2007

Media Watch : Kudos to VDOT! : Speed Trailers installed along Route 151

Photography by
Speed Trailers installed along Route 151

speed trailer-1
Above, Kevin Wright with VDOT, looks on as Paul Johnson and Barney Caldwell also with VDOT, install one of two speed trailers along Route 151 in Nelson County, VA.

Kudos to VDOT for starting the process of installing speed trailers along Route 151. Wednesday, the first of two trailers was placed along Route 151. The one pictured above is just north of Route 784 on Route 151. On Wednesday another speed trailer will be put on the north end of Route 151 near BB & T bank.

speeder 4
Above a Volvo station wagon traveling north along 151 sets off the excessive speed indicator on the speed trailer.

And once VDOT finished the installation it didn’t take long to prove what those of us living here in Nelson already know. Speed!

Kevin Wright of VDOT, tells P-151 that more enforcement and enforcement signs are on the way along Route 151.

We commend VDOT for their response to the concerns along Route 151 & 6 and you should commend them as well. Though this is only a start, it’s an excellent start. Thank you VDOT!




  1. James:

    OK so it says “EXCEEDING” for being over the limit.

    Does it also say “PUTZING” if you are driving too slow, the true cause of all the wrecks on 151?

  2. It should also say “GET OFF THE PHONE” if it detects you are yapping while driving.

  3. I drive a truck on Rt151 and came very close to a headon last week with a car that wasn’t paying attention and had to serve acrossed my lane to avoid a school bus. I’m happy to hear something is being done before more people die.

  4. I travel 151 every morning & evening on my commute to Charlottesville for work. I can honestly say that in my past 18 years living in the area there has been an increase in the amount of traffic. Speed has increased – people are in a rush all the time to get where they want to go. If there isn’t going to be enforcement of speed on this road, I don’t think anything will change much. VDOT can put up speed signs all they want and in my opinion won’t change anything unless there is enforcement.

  5. We totally agree Bonnie. It’s what we have been preaching from the beginning. Without enforcement, nothing matters. We are very, very, very, impressed with what the Albermarle County Police has done on their end of Route 151. Almost weekly they have been holding routine enforcement stints on their side. It make a tremendous difference on the traffic coming into Nelson. While we highly praised VDOT yesterday for putting the speed trailers in, we also realize it is a nice public relations move, but again, without enforcement it won’t matter.

    Very good comment Bonnie!

    Thank you,

  6. One thing that would help on these rural roads is to have a wide paved shoulder on both sides, true it would take away some land but this is a safety issue. There is no margin for error on these roads and a wide paved shoulder on both sides would create a much safer and more pleasant roadway. It would also be much safer for anyone walking or bicycling.

  7. Project 151-I don’t mean to be unaware of some things, but could you please tell me what “holding almost weekly – routine enforcement stints” are that you say Albemarle county police are holding on their side is?
    We’re not really after public relations here with VDOT, yes it’s nice, but is NOT taking care of the traffic problems like you said. If their speed trailers could take a picture of driver & license plate number & mail a ticket like some areas have, that would be a start since we don’t seem to have enough enforcement.

  8. Sure Bonnie,
    Albermarle County Police have been holding increased enforcement on the north end of 151 for about the past 6 weeks. This includes all kinds of violations including speeding, truck inspections, just to name a few. When they are there – there’s a marked decrease of “erratic” drivers on the Nelson end.

    We agree with you again regarding the speed trailers. But in defense of VDOT, it is a start to many more things they have planned and we do believe they are serious about implementing more changes, soon.

    More to come,

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