Posted by: project151 | November 27, 2007

BREAKING : Route 151 @ Old Rockfish School Lane head on collision – Traffic flowing normally

151 old rockfish school lane
Accident scene at 151 and Rockfish School Lane

151 ax-2

traffic backup
Traffic backup along Route 151

Updated: 11:45 AM the road is now open to normal traffic

Updated: 11:31 AM EST : Some southbound traffic is being allowed to move around the accident. Troopers expect the scene to be cleared shortly.

There has been another head on collision on Route 151 around 10:30 AM Tuesday morning. The accident is being worked at this time with both north and south bound lanes of Route 151 closed down as the scene is cleared. There was entrapment and rescue crews are working to free the victims now.

Traffic is very backed up in both directions.

More shortly!



  1. This is the exact place I was rear ended back in 2002. The elderly van driver spilled a cup of coffee and looked down at it and never hit breaks. I was sitting at that intersection on Rt. 151 facing north at a dead stop, waiting to turn onto Rockfish School Lane and seeing the van coming in my rear view mirror and me in a chevy caprice with a v-8 engine…I hit the gas, he still hit me, but it cased less damage and I was not hurt. I was upset my son passed me in the school bus and saw the car and his Mom was not home to meet him after school. I could have been killed, the driver of the van could have been killed…something has to be done! Could we all wear bumper stickers with the project on it and on the side of it can say…let’s all drive safely??

    Mary Hamilton

  2. Yeh it’s pretty bad coming down South on 151 too, when you are trying to turn onto Rockfish School Lane.

    I come down that route every nite where invariably there is someone behind me and I just signal early and hope that they will slow down and give me enough time to negotiate the turn.

    It seems that when I slowdown, I risk getting rear-ended. But if I don’t slow down enough, I risk running off the road on my right or worse, hitting head on someone on my left who is coming out of RSL, onto 151, because I may make too wide of a turn.

    It would be SO easy to create a turn-off lane here at 635 (West) where there is plenty of curb room and where it is very necessary, as we have not just residential traffic coming through but all of the Community Center traffic as well.

    Please let’s push for a turn-off lane here and yes, in the meantime let’s all drively safely!


  3. […] Media Watch: Head-on Collision @ Rt. 151 and Rockfish School Ln The local media’s talking about yesterday’s wreck: […]

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