Posted by: project151 | October 25, 2007

Project meets with VDOT, VA State Police, Nelson Sheriff, & Elected officials

On Monday of this week Project attended it’s first meeting with members of a committee established by VDOT to study and act on ways to improve safety along the Route 151 / 6 corridor. “This is an important first step in seeing that real and lasting changes are made on Route 151 and 6 in Nelson County,” says Tommy Stafford, Project Team Leader and founder. Stafford went on to say the meeting was very productive and en lighting. VDOT provided more detailed accident information along 151 & 6. “VDOT is listening to the concerns of Project and those of the 300-400 people who attended the recent public meeting held by our organization in early October. Make no mistake, the letters written from residents of Nelson directly to Governor Kaine in Richmond have made a great impact on action taking place,” Stafford continues.

Project would like to say a special thanks to Kevin Wright of VDOT for organizing and conducting the meeting. He did an excellent job!

The official VDOT Press release is here:

State and local officials, citizens working together to address concerns
NELSON COUNTY – A group comprised of state and local officials and area citizens has met to begin their coordinated efforts to address safety concerns on Route 151 in Nelson County.

The route has been the scene of several accidents in the last few months, including a number of fatalities and various groups and individuals have been working separately to address perceived issues. The group began their collective work by agreeing on working goals and updating each other on individual actions already underway.

Among actions taken or in process are:
Completed application for safety project funding (Virginia Department of Transportation)
Increased law enforcement presence, including “directed patrols” utilizing Federal funds (Virginia State Police, Nelson County Sheriff)
Collected citizen input (General Assembly member, Board of Supervisors members, Project 151)
Collected traffic data – accidents, speed rates, etc. (Virginia Department of Transportation)
Programmed Route 613/151 intersection in Secondary Six-Year Improvement Plan (Board of Supervisors) and began preliminary engineering efforts(Virginia Department of Transportation)
Instituting additional motor carrier inspection teams in area

The group also identified action items to be addressed during future meetings and brainstormed ideas for improvements along the Route 151 Corridor.

For additional information or to provide input for the group’s consideration, please contact the Amherst Residency Office at 946-2159.

A letter is also being sent to the Commonwealth Transportation Board by Project to outline our recommendations for safety improvements on these two highways. They will be meeting on Monday 10-29-07 in Lynchburg to hear input from the public and elected representatives regarding road & safety projects across portions of Central Virginia. This is part of a regular series of meetings the CTB hold to gather input in making decisions about projects in Virginia.

Additional meetings will be held in the coming weeks to better determine what action can be taken to improve safety along Routes 151 & 6. Project will be at each of these future meetings.



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