Posted by: project151 | October 19, 2007

Accident Watch : Another Route 151 accident @ Ashley’s market : Video Included

Updated: 4:35 PM EDT 10-19-07 has learned that the box truck that got hit belongs to Greenfield-based Heartwood Designs. Installers Glen Orren & Don Hostetter were in the box truck when it got hit. Both were taken to the hospital. Don, the passenger, had to get 50+ stitches to put his ear back together. Both Glen and Don have been released and are bruised and limping, but otherwise okay. They are lucky men.

Scroll down for surveillance video of the accident, courtesy Ashley’s Market.

Updated: 2:30 PM EDT 10-19-07

Below is closed circuit video provided to Project 151 by Steve Patrick of the Friday morning crash. Begin watching after the brown truck turns left onto Route 151 from Ashley’s Lot. Thanks to Steve & Barry at Ashley’s for sharing this video with us.
(If video doesn’t play or stops just after loading drag or touch on the progress bar in the YouTube player just a bit, that should do it – don’t know why it’s doing that.)

This is the scene at Ashley’s Market Friday morning around 8:15 AM.

This what the scene looked at Ashley’s Market after another accident occurred along Route 151. In the photo above bystanders work to get a person out of this utility / delivery truck that overturned and ended on its side in the Ashley’s parking lot. P-151 does not have exact detail as to what happened as of this post, but will provide additional information as we have it. We know there was at least one injury, but it does not appear to be life threatening.







  1. […] been another wreck on Route 151, but this morning’s accident does not appear to be fatal. The road, one of the main drags of Nelson County, has become a […]

  2. Like we said in the survey, a turn lane in Greenfield would be our #1 suggestion. Bob and Ellen Gatling

  3. Hello Bob,

    A turn lane at Greenfield would not have done anything for this accident. And for once, the “trucks” that you all are so much against was the victom in this case. It was DRIVER INATTENTION!!!!!!!!!! Thats right your very own fellow drivers on the road cause this accident. And its on video to prove it!!

  4. A turn lane in the center and right turning lane in to the gas station would have been a proper traffic design. The majority of accidents on mentions roads are results of driver inattention and people failing to maintain 55mph. Maintaining the proper speed would remove the urge to pass or push the slow poke. Research the amount of accidents on interstate with speed limit changed from 55 to 65. The slow driver who say they are being Cautious by driving 10 mph below posted, are actually the ones starting the chain of events for the accident. The ” slinky” effect behind them is mostly where the accidents are.

  5. Funny how whatever was the Dodge Rams big hurry, on wet roads, all of a sudden didn’t matter anymore.

    Everyone needs to thank the Lord the injuries were not worse.

    Folks, life is short, lets think about one another a little more, and ourselves a little less. Especially when driving.

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