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Media Watch : WSET Lynchburg Coverage of Public Meeting RVCC

This is the story and coverage WSET did on October 10 from the Project public meeting at The Rockfish Community Center. They have a link to watch the video on their site at the link below. Our final numbers show between 350-400 showed up versus the 200 reported here, but we think Margaret and her photographer did an excellent job on this story. Kudos!

Photography by Hayley Osborne
Television Coverage of Public Meeting
October 10, 2007



From WSET:
About 200 Turn Out for Route 151 Safety Meeting
Location: Nelson Co., VA
Reporter: Margaret Clevenstine
Posted: October 11, 2007 12:02 AM EST

Nelson Co., VA – Five fatalities in 34 days. 200 people met in Nelson County tonight to talk about what can be done to make Routes 151 and 6 safer. This was quite a turnout. It shows just how many people are concerned about this issue.

In fact a survey by the group Project says three out of four people have had near misses on these roads. It was the August 30th wreck, that killed Laura Cavedo and her two step daughters that spurred Tommy Stafford into action.

Tommy Stafford, Project – “The car was crushed, I mean absolutely crushed like a tin can and we just decided that we would do something. We didn’t know exactly what.”

With two other fatalities in just more than a month, residents are worried things could get worse, much worse.

Cindy Chandler, Resident – “And if trucks or cars come around that corner already at the 55 miles speed zone, there is no way they could possibly stop if there were a bus full of children.”

And that’s why so many people flooded the Project public meeting.

Pete Osborne, Resident – “I definitely think there has been a groundswell and I think despite the fact that you normally get the ah well, there is nothing that can be done and I think there is always something that can be done.”

A few things resident talked about getting done, enforcement of existing speed limits, adding left turn lanes, eliminating truck through traffic and in five to ten years changing the route to a federal parkway. Residents say it’s time to take action.

Stafford – “Slowly, but surely over the years, the traffic has increased, it kind of hasn’t been noticeable because it’s been happening slowly and now all of a sudden–we have this issue–something has to be done.”

One of the people we spoke to that you saw in the story, Pete Osborne, says he’s been looking at this issue since 1985 and since then it’s gotten worse over the years.

Copyright 2007 WSET, Inc.



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