Posted by: project151 | October 10, 2007

WOW! Public Meeting at RVCC Wednesday night!

Thank you to everyone in Nelson County for your support and attendance at Wednesday night’s meeting. The number of people (between 350-400) show how deeply folks feel about this issue. Many of you spoke your mind, thank you to everyone. Over the coming days we will be posting additional survey results and more details about our next move as an organization.

A special thank you to:

-John & Nancy at Goodwin Creek Farm in Afton for their donation of the muffins and coffee at the meeting.

-Jeff & Tam Stone, Wintergreen Winery for the use of their sound system in the meeting.

-Cottle Multimedia, in Shipman for the hustle to get our banner out in time for the Wednesday night meeting. Kim literally drove the banner to us about an hour before the meeting began!

Thank you so much to everyone, more on Thursday!




  1. Applause, applause to for the meeting last night. I came thinking I already knew about most of the “terror” that comes with driving this stretch every day, but I learned that the accidents I’ve witnessed through the years and my own near misses are just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks so much to all of you for your efforts!

  2. I attended the meeting Wed night and found so many people concerned about the same things as I am.

    I’d like to reinerate the comments about Rts 613 (Rodes Farm Rd) and 151. It’s a blind hill with vehicles coming up the hill. Those of us turning on to 151 take our lives into our hands everytime we travel here. The vehicles coming up 151 can’t see us turning until they are almost at the intersection. No one seems to reduce speed to 35 on that hill. Crossing on to 151 takes my breath away, its so dangerous. The interesection should have blinking yellow lights or a large “slow” sign midway up the hill.

    Rosemary Weiss

    I travel Rt 151 twice a day to go to work and I have never seen the police monitoring speed! I too am tailgated if I go below 60 and get passed as soon as the road allows.

    I support lowering the speed limit to 45 and police on the lookout for speeders and tailgaters.

    Please don’t forget us coming off Rodes Farm onto 151. This should not be the site of another tradegy.

  3. I am a Nellysford newcomer and impressed with the thoughtful and constructive comments by most of my new neighbors at last night’s meeting. I believe that the few people who felt the need to target the attitudes and driving skills of us newcomers as the cause of the problems on Route 151 needed an outlet for an anger that was above and beyond the issue of safety of the road. I listened to the woman describing her fear of leaving home since it involves turning off of 613 onto 151. I used to enjoy simple things like a trip to the bank or to the grocery and now experience a surge of fear when I know that I have to navigate that turn and also drive a stretch of 151 wondering what new chalk marks have appeared.

    I have had several close calls within the last few months…some caused by people driving BMWs, new SUVs, some driving older pickups with ladders hanging six feet off the rear, and some of those people talking on a cell phone. One in particular was chugging a beer while conversing on his phone.

    I purchased a thirty year old home here in order to live in our beautiful valley without cutting trees, and I also hate looking up the mountain and seeing concrete and lights. I expect to sometimes be behind farm equipment. For me it reinfores the fact that, thank goodness, we still have functioning farms. And, yes, I would prefer seeing Nellysford rather than StoneyCreek on all the signs around town and also do not like the traffic. BUT that has happened, and NOW we need to focus on the fact that we are neighbors no matter where we were born or how long we have lived here and have the same hopes regarding the quality of our lives.

    We need to work TOGETHER to improve and sustain the safety and peace that we all hope for in our valley.

    I would like to draw attention to a comment made at last night’s meeting by Mr. Bridgewater. I was the woman leaving the auditorium and have NEVER been stopped for a traffic infraction. It sounded as though his comment was created in order to fuel the anger that some of the local folks feel toward us newcomers. If I misunderstood his comment, I certainly apologize.

    I thank you for your attention.

  4. Sorry I was unable to attend the October 10, 2007 Project151 meeting. I am whole heartedly in support of any changes that can be made to ensure safety on 151.

    I am a 9th generation resident of the Rockfish Valley and have been driving down 151 since turning 16. For 30 years I traveled 151 to 250 every day to and from Charlottesville. Never once did I feel the dread as I do today. Now my route of travel to Charlottesville is via 6 to 29 and if at all possbile avoid the stretch of 151 past 6. My concerns run far deeper than my own safety, as my son and daughter-in-law take my grandchildren everyday from Nellysford to North Branch in Afton and my elderly mother frequently travels 151 from Nellysford to Afton or Waynesboro. Further my neice and nephews are riding a school bus at the heigt of rush hour. Not too mention many friends and neighbors who put themselves in harms way everyday.

    Not sure what the solution is to this drastic situation, however, it would seem that VDOT or DMV would surely either have other models to study or could benchmark with other states for a solution. Whether trucks, cars, motorcycles or bicycles the problem appears to be an overly congested highway being driven on by impatient drivers.

    Thank you on behalf of myself, my family and our Community for taking the lead in this very important issue.

    Please let me know how I may be of assistance.

    Lyna Phillips Watson
    Wintergreen True Value Hardware

  5. I attended the mtg with my son last night. We travel the road to go to Waynesboro. I don’t want to take the “truck route” 29 n to 1-64 w. I support removing through trucks that come and follow feet away from your back so they can get up the next hill. Where is the formal petition that needs to be submitted by officials. I’ll sign it.

  6. I attended the meeting concerning the safety of 151 and while I found it encouraging to hear all of the citizens of our community offer their opinions and suggest solutions, I was also discouraged to hear people of authority tell us it may take 5, 10, and 15 years for anything to happen. I find this totally unacceptable. While it may be true that the wheels of the governing bodies turn slowly and that cost is a factor, I do not understand why at least the speed limit could not be lowered from the intersection of Rt. 6 with Rt. 151, through at least the medical center of Dr. Raynor and at other business areas along this heavily travelled road until other improvements casn be implemented. It is agreed by many that the truckers should not be blamed and I agree, but it should also be accepted as fact, that a tractor trailer travelling in a zone at a legal limit of 55 is a far greater threat than the average passenger vehicle. One has only to travel the area mentioned and look at the skid marks, they are mostly from dual wheels, not single. I am not blaming the truckers, they are for the most good drivers and very aware of how to avoid and handle emergency traffic problems. It is just a simple fact that this stretch of road no longer is capable of handling the traffic it now has. And, until the areas in question can either be improved to handle all of the increased traffic it seems feasible to work toward eliminating “through trucks.” Our elected officials seem to indicate that this would take years. I would like to know what trucker lobbies give to which candidates and how much. If changes are going to be made at the politcal level, this is an important piece of information for all of us who vote. I travel this road two to three times a day and see many, many instances of road violations. Large fines have recently been passed relative to speed and drunk driving. They should be vigorously enforced on our roads. That may help right now toward slowing traffic until other solutions can be implemented. I will help in any way needed. And, I will slow down too.

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