Posted by: project151 | October 9, 2007

Media Watch: Selective Enforcement by Albemarle Police

You may remember last Friday’s stepped up enforcement efforts by Albemarle County Police along the Rt. 151/250 corridor in Afton. According to an interview with 1070 WINA Newsradio, Sgt. Pete Mainzer says the selective enforcement initiatives are designed to reduce Albemarle’s high traffic fatality figures. Read on and listen (emphasis added):

Albemarle Police have released the results of the latest selective enforcement effort. The crackdown on traffic violators was conducted last Friday, October 5th along a section of 250 West from Ivy to the Nelson County line. County Police Sgt. Pete Mainzer (pictured) says the selective enforcment initiatives are aimed at reducing the high number of traffic fatalities on Albemarle roads. … County police issued 78 tickets including 42 for speeding, seven for seat belt violations, one for not having a child in a safety restraint, and eight for commercial motor vehicle violations. Mainzer says 16 people have been killed on Albemarle roads so far this year. That’s the highest number since 2003 when 19 people were killed during the entire year.

If you weren’t able to play Sgt. Mainzer’s  soundbite, here is the verbatim:

“It’s not something we enjoy doing but we feel like enforcement is a big part of what we do and certainly we feel like strict enforcement does in fact have an affect on driver behavior.”



  1. Enforcing the law is not something they enjoy doing.


    I know I’m stating the obvious but…………..

    Why are they cops?

  2. Well, TJ, it’s a bit like cleaning bathrooms. Does a janitor really enjoy doing it? Maybe not. We’re just glad Albemarle Police has been conducting those selective enforcement operations. It may not be the most glamourous thing to do but it is the right thing to do. They deserve kudos.

  3. It’s their duty, it’s what they swore to do when they took the job. Respectfully, I don’t see how a janitor even comes close.

    We have laws to protect people and keep them safe. If folks break the law they are saying “we don’t care about anyone else!”

    They are “Law Enforcement Officers.”

    Yes I thank them for the job they are doing, I have no desire or self control for such a job. The politicians, and lawyers, and judges, all letting thugs off with a slap on the wrist most of the time. Meanwhile the good “LAW Enforcement Officers” risk their lives arresting these thugs to protect the rest of us.

    Man up, get the jellyfish out the spine, and get aggressive with people who don’t care about the safety of others. Don’t sound like a whiner about how it’s not a job they like doing. If you don’t like it, then you probably won’t be very good at it and need to find another job..

    Simple fact!

    Best regards and keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You should be thankful for the job they do! There should be more of them in the county, including the state. The biggest problem they go on is their numbers. The state hasn’t changed the number of troopers they’ve had in the county since the 70’s or something like that. They just aren’t keeping up with the population in Nelson.

    As for the man up speech, maybe it’s something they might not enjoy because they have to listen to whiners give them excuses. Or maybe it’s just that we are old enough to know better and should be responsible drivers. Humm…

  5. Where in the world did you get I wasn’t thankful for the job they are “supposed” to be doing?

    Like I said, “Yes I thank them for the job they are doing, I have no desire or self control for such a job.”

    I believe Nelson county Sheriff already stated he doesn’t have the manpower to run enforcement

    Albemarle states “it’s not a job they like doing”

    Who is supposed to be doing it then and where are our tax dollars for said enforcement going.

    People are dying somebody better start liking their job/duty or the body count is going to grow!

    Poor choice of words by the Sgt is the point.

    You don’t have to agree it’s just my opinion and we already know what that is worth. :>)

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