Posted by: project151 | October 9, 2007

Lobby Watch: VTA alerts members to has learned that the Virginia Trucking Association sent a “Special Alert” to its members informing them of our efforts to address safety issues on Rts. 151 and 6. The VTA is aware of Wednesday night’s community meeting at the Rockfish Valley Community Center and is asking its members for input as to how a proposed ban on through-truck traffic would impact business.



  1. Virtually every accident that occurs on Rt 151 can be traced to poor driving skills, bad judgment and an oblivious lack of attention on the part of too many drivers. There are some controls that would help regulate some of this.

    In the recent past, installation of traffic signals have not been very welcome in Nelson County. I’m not too happy to see them spring up either, but well placed, they save lives.

    A set of traffic lights installed at the west bound Rt 6 and north/south bound 151 intersection would stop the abundance of bad decisions made there. This is the intersection where the truckers enter onto 151. Autos and truckers turning right off of Rt 6 often do not fully stop, run the stop sign, or pull out dangerously close to north bound drivers. A “No Turn on Red” for Rt 6 drivers would stop that nonsense!! This intersection is a HOT zone for accidents as locals know.

    A left turn arrow on the south bound side of 151 at this intersection would be effective. It would prevent drivers from making poorly timed left turns in front of north bound drivers. An arrow here would have prevented my own accident when a driver heading for Rt 6 turned left across my lane. He later admitted to police that he “didn’t look before he turned”.

    Turning lanes have been proposed and that will certainly help to increase safety up and down 151. Here’s another safety suggestion: How about adding reflectors into the center lines? This road has steep drop-offs and lots of curves and hills. Reflectors would be enormously helpful in fog and rain when center lines and white shoulder markings on 151 virtually disappear.

    Reduced speed would be welcome as slower speeds reduce the force of impacts, saving lives. But we should look beyond the elimination of through speed reduction and through truck traffic. Additionally we need controls and safety improvements like those cited above. They’d help eliminate a lot of poor decisions.

    A reduction of trucks would sure be a relief! Not all truckers using this road are the safe drivers as some would have us believe. They often tail gate autos and that’s plain scary! Nothing like a heavily laden log truck riding your bumper.

    I’m pleased to see the photos posted here taken of reckless incidents by truckers and that this information will be submitted to trucking companies. Kudos to Project 151 volunteers! Can I help?

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