Posted by: project151 | October 6, 2007

2-Car Wreck on Rt. 151 @ Rt. 613 (Rodes Farm)


On our way to Nellysford this afternoon, we ran up on this 2-car accident at Rt. 151 and Rt. 613. Rescue crews arrived shortly thereafter. Luckily, injuries appear to be minor. We’ll have additional information as it becomes available.


Passerby Bo Holland of the Rockfish Valley Community Center helps direct traffic before rescue crews arrived (above).


A Wintergreen Fire Truck responds to the accident as one of the victims lays on the ground to the right. It is believed he was in the truck shown below.




  1. Due to the line of sight from 613, this is very dangerous intersection. Even though there is a posted slow speed on 151 approaching this entrance, few adhere to the speed recommendation. When pulling out from 613 one must look and pull out rapidly to avoid being hit by cars or trucks coming over the rise.
    Maybe road ripples or a sign noting “Blind entrance ahead” would be helpful.
    This would not cost VDOT much and may make a difference in getting drivers attention.

  2. I was involved in this accident – pictured in the “hug” picture.
    There is no way to see over the hill when turning left out of Rodes Farm Road…However, there are 2 signs warning vehicles on Rt. 151 approaching this intersection to slow to 35mph – and watch for vehicles entering the highway. Apparently no one slows down on 151 – the trooper that responded was very pleasent but he did not even know that the speed limit in the area was 35mph – he repeadely told us it was 55mph…we had to go back and verify for ourselves…I think this is a big problem! Maybe flashing lights on the signs would make them more visable.

  3. I also live on a dangerous street that is blind to the drivers traveling on Rt. 151. As for Stephanie’s reference to the speed signs that are 35mph, they are yellow. Yellow means caution and that yellow speed sign is merely a “suggested” speed thru that area. The speed limit in that area is 55mph, the Trooper was correct.

    Now if more signs get posted, who’s going to read them? Look at the problem we have now with speeders, drivers talking on their cell phones, drivers typing/sending text messages on their cell phones; do you think they are really going to pay attention to another posted sign? To bad the police can’t issue tickets for stupidity. This is a problem all over the state of VA.

  4. Maybe this “yellow suggested speed” is something which needs to be changed to a standard white speed sign. It is possible that the person who gets hit at 613 can actually be charged for “failure to yield the right of way”. Now how stupid is that?
    But before changing the sign, let’s do a speed test with a cardboard dummy.
    35mph seems almost too slow. I can see and stop easily at 45mph; however, there is no way to stop in time at 55 mph.
    That sign change will not cost VDOT much money and can be completed easily.

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