Posted by: project151 | October 5, 2007

Eye on Enforcement: Rt. 151 near Rt. 250

Albemarle County Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Kudos to this Albemarle County Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officer for doing his job on the pullout on Rt. 151 just north of Rt. 803 in Afton near the Albemarle-Nelson County line. team member John Hellerman tells us he also saw two state troopers – one marked, the other unmarked – enforcing the highway. Did you notice a significant decrease in through tractor trailer truck traffic this morning on Rt. 151? We did.

Keep the tips coming, readers, and drive safely this weekend!

P.S. By now, if you live or work in Nelson County, you may have seen postcard announcements of Wednesday’s community meeting at the Rockfish Valley Community Center October 10 @ 7:30pm. If you cannot attend, please take the time to fill out the survey on the reverse side of the card. Unfortunately, the side you need to write on is glossy so writing is a little difficult but doable. Surveys received by October 9 will be tabulated and results will be announced at the meeting.



  1. We are enjoying a unusually quite afternoon at Goodwin Creek Farm. I don’t know where the trucks all go when the enforcement is here, but it is a welcome change. Thanks Albemarle and VA Troopers for being here for us.


  2. […] Selective Enforcement by Albemarle Police You may remember last Friday’s stepped up enforcement efforts by Albemarle County Police along the Rt. 151/250 corridor in Afton. According to an […]

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