Posted by: project151 | October 3, 2007

UPDATE: Fatal accident at Rt. 151 and Tanbark

Updated 12:37 PM EDT 10-3-07
NCL has obtained additional information about Tuesday night’s accident on Route 151 near Tanbark Road. An initial eyewitness told NCL she saw a tractor trailer go through the accident scene as she was pulling up. As we stated in our earlier reporting we did not notice any large truck on the scene during our time there and had no verification as to whether it had any part in the wreck. Tommy Harvey of the Rockfish Valley Fire Department and owner of Afton Service Center, told NCL this afternoon that video surveillance cameras at his business caught the accident on tape as it happened. Mr. Harvey tells NCL that a truck was not involved in the accident, though one could be seen passing through the accident scene shortly after it happened. “It did not contribute to or was it involved in the accident,” says Harvey. As stated earlier below by VA State Police Sgt. David Cooper, the cause of the accident appears to be from the car being driven by 65 year old Lloyd Puckett swerving into the path of Ms. Gertrude Johnson of Nellysford.

We have more details from last night’s fatal wreck in Afton, via NCL.

NCL has learned that 54 year old Gertrude Ann Johnson of Nellysford was killed last night in the accident we have been reporting. According to Sgt. David Cooper with the VA State Police in Appomattox, Ms. Johnson was killed after a car being driven by 65 year old Lloyd Wayne Puckett of North Headwater, Virginia crossed the double yellow line heading northbound into her southbound lane near Tanbark Road. Sgt Cooper says another passenger in the car with Ms. Johnson, 63 year old Betty Sanford of Greenfield was injured as well and transported to UVa Medical Center. Her condition is unknown at this time. Mr. Puckett was injured as well and transported.


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