Posted by: project151 | October 2, 2007

BREAKING: Afton: Wreck at Rt. 151 and Afton Service Center

Updated 8:20 AM EDT 10-3-07
By P-151 has confirmed with Virginia State Police this morning that last night’s accident in Afton on 151 did involve the death of one of those involved. We do not know the name of the person killed at this point, but VSP did confirm it as another fatality. This makes five traffic deaths on either 151 or 6 in just the past month.

More updates later today.

UPDATED 12:10 AM EDT 10-3-07 – Route 151 has reopened to normal traffic

UPDATED 10:34PM, via

More info:

It appears that Route 151 through Nelson County has become deadly once again Tuesday night. Though still unofficially confirmed, NCL believes at least one fatality has occurred since the county medical examiner, Dr. Bob Raynor, was dispatched to the scene around the time NCL left on the way back to the office to file this report. A teenage eyewitness who had just left her evening job as a waitress at a nearby restaurant, said the wreck happened right in front of her as she was traveling northbound along Route 151. “I saw what looked like a large semi style truck going through the intersection as the accident happened. I was not sure if it hit the cars or if they were swerving to miss it,” says Jennie a waitress at D’Ambola’s Restaurant in Afton. We do not know Jennie’s last name as of this report. But did speak personally with her on the scene while she was stuck in traffic.

On the scene, NCL didn’t see a large truck, but the entire view on the north side of the accident was blocked from our view so we have no way of knowing if a truck has anything to do with this particular accident. We saw two cars involved when we arrived. One shown in the top photo above in the center of 151 and another car off the west shoulder of 151. Rockfish Fire & Rescue Crews were working at a very intense pace to try and free the victim or victims inside the crushed vehicle.

Accident reconstruction teams from VA State Police were called to the scene. This is an almost certain sign that a fatality has occurred, but again not verified as of this preliminary report late Tuesday night. Authorities are diverting all large trucks away from the area and keeping them on I-64, Route 250 and U.S. 29 until the scene has been cleared.

UPDATE: Picture posted 10:11PM, via

This just in from

There are reports of a multi vehicle crash with multiple entrapments near Afton Service Center and Rt. 151. Developing …

Picture(s) will be posted shortly … Chopper is about to land … Accident reconstruction team has been requested … County medical examiner has been called out to the scene … Albemarle County being asked to held redirect truck traffic … Truck traffic from Rt. 29 to Rt. 6 will have to be redirected, Faber Fire asking for assistance …. 10:07PM



  1. So very sad and preventable.

  2. […] Fatal accident at Rt. 151 and Tanbark We’ve got more details from last night’s fatal wreck in Afton, via NCL. NCL has learned that 54 year old Gertrude Ann Johnson of Nellysford was killed […]

  3. I am very concerned about the speed limit of 55 that exists ,particularly from Rt. 6 intersection with 151 going north past Ashley’s and the school zone. I live (or at least did until my house burned down in January) less than a mile and a half from Ashley’s and fear for my life everytime I leave my driveway. I have little time, perhaps 4 seconds, if that, to get into the roadway and have to “gun it” often because of traffic that comes around the corner at that speed. I would like to see limits enforced that would make it safer, perhaps 40 miles per hour through that area. I understand it would take years to get the truck traffic changed, but a reduced speed limit would move a long way toward making this area safer for us all. I am willing to help any citizen group that is interested in petitioning toward that end. My cell number is 434-981-4695. Power does belong to the people and if there are enough of us to insist on change, it can happen.

  4. my grandma was killed in a wreck on route 151 and it was stupid of the man that was driving he crossed the yellow line. My whole family is so upset beacuse my grandma was such a wonderful person and had so much to live for and he took her life away .My grandmas name was Gurtrude Ann Johnson and her friend riding with her was injured in the wreck and our heart goes out to her family. Something needs to be done about route 151 it has killed to many people and it is a dangerous route to the community.
    CRYSTAL JOHNSON 9th grade

  5. […] intersection in 2007. A total of five different people were killed in that year along Route 151. Gertrude Johnson was killed at the Tanbark intersection in October 2007. She was one of the five that lost their lives in 151-6 […]

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