Posted by: project151 | September 24, 2007

Project 151 works toward public meeting in a few days

151 meeting
Members of Project 151 at meeting this past Sunday at Thai-Mex Restaurant in Nellysford.

On Sunday team members met to discuss plans for an upcoming public forum that will be held soon regarding the situation along Routes 151 & 6 in Nelson County, Virginia. During the meeting Pete Osborne far right in above photo, who lives off Route 6, and is the father of team member, Hayley Osborne, talked about efforts he was involved in as far back as 1985 to address the dangerous situation on both of these highways. Twenty two years later not much has changed.

Project 151 would like to thank the hundreds of folks who have signed petitions demanding change on Route 151 & 6. Petitions are still out in area stores and other locations. Please sign one if you haven’t already. Many of you have written in to this sight as well, leaving comments about your feelings on the situation. We have three very special reasons to never let this issue get on the back burner again. Laura Cavedo, Elschen, & Iliana Strickler, along with the countless others who have lost their lives on these two dangerous stretches of highway over the decades.. We all live here and we elect representatives of government to protect us. In this case they have failed miserably. As of this post the local Board of supervisors has never formally requested to The Commonwealth Transportation Board to restrict traffic on 151 & 6. Why has that request never been officially been made? Eventually Project 151 will present a comprehensive plan and data to Governor Tim Kaine in Richmond and officials in the Federal Department of Transportation.

We appreciate the support you have given as a community. Daily we get offers to volunteer. Soon you will be called upon to do just that!

More updates in the near future.



  1. Thanks for all your hard work! I recently became aware of the following website where problems can be reported.

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