Posted by: project151 | September 21, 2007

Truck Inspections Along 151 On Friday At Rockfish Turnout

Project 151 noticed that officers with the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicle Enforcement were present and making inspections along Route 151 Friday morning at the turnout near Old Rockfish School Lane.

Inspection Officer
Above, an officer instructs the driver on checking his lights and equipment on the rig.

Here another driver waits for the officer to continue the inspection.

It is nice to see the enforcement actually beginning in response to the complaints lodged by Project 151 and area residents. Though, by lunchtime they were gone.



  1. Thank You for organizing this project. Reading about the 3 lives lost is still heartbreaking. It is great to see some progress. I wish the group the best of eveything in getting the problem resolved.

    May I at this time inject my own opinion why nothing has been done on 151.

    It is my opinion that the reason for not having allot of patrols and the truck weighing is the west bound interchange at Rte 29 and I 64. To correct the interchange problem is between 50-100 million dollars. Till that problem is corrected VDOT will not be serious to correct 151.

    Reflect this problem in your reports, if you have not already done so.

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